Richmond has a projected population of 199,419 (JSNA The Richmond Story) and is healthy overall. However, the population is ageing and with this comes the challenge of caring for increasing numbers of people living with multiple long-term conditions. The numbers of local people adopting unhealthy behaviours that increase the risk of disease are rising. These include smoking, being inactive, eating a poor diet and drinking too much alcohol. However, a significant proportion of long-term conditions are avoidable with the adoption of healthy behaviours, which we continue to promote.

The challenges we face in Richmond:

  • Like elsewhere, cost pressures in the health and care system are due to the rise in numbers of people with multiple long-term conditions.
  • An ageing population with a significant number of older people living alone.
  • A rising number of patients with dementia-related health problems.
  • Unhealthy behaviours, as well as poor emotional and mental wellbeing, are responsible for at least a third of ill health.
  • Cardiovascular disease and cancer remain the two leading causes of death, but an increasing burden of disease and suffering is also due to mental ill health.
  • Increasing emotional, self-esteem and wellbeing issues in our school age population.

To read more about the needs of the population of Richmond, please take a look at the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) which pulls together information about local health and care support.