Richmond CCG is dedicated to ensuring that equality, diversity and inclusion are key to how we commission NHS services and support our staff.

We want to reduce inequalities in health and health care for the people of Richmond.
We are determined in our aims to:
  • Remove unlawful discrimination
  • Improve equal opportunities
  • Encourage good relations

What are Richmond CCG’s equality and diversity objectives?

The CCG's equality objectives for the period 2016 – 2020:

  • To work with providers to establish a more informed reporting procedure that provides relevant protected characteristics information.
  • To work with local providers to develop a more strategic joined up approach to annual EDS reviews.
  • To ensure the implementation of Workforce Race Equality Scheme (WRES).
  • To work with HR to ensure full protected characteristic information is available in order to monitor how protected groups fare in relation to recruitment, (application, shortlisting and appointment) training and development and flexible working.
  • To support staff and governing body members to understand their role in supporting the EDS goals and seeking assurance on CCG's equalities obligations.

How is equality considered in NHS commissioning in Richmond?​​

We complete an equality analysis before any of our commissioning projects are carried out. This is to make sure that the project has considered the impact it will have on those communities it affects.