The Richmond Primary Care Commissioning Committee is the local body responsible for the commissioning of GP services in the borough.  The CCG took on this new delegated role from NHS England on 1 April 2016.  The committee makes decisions locally on how GP services are commissioned. It works with NHS England to ensure that all Richmond borough residents have access to a GP and that GP practices deliver safe, high quality services to their patients.

We believe this new arrangement will help us to improve patient care in the following ways:

  • Improved access to primary care and more out-of-hospitals services available closer to home;
  • High quality out-of-hospital care;
  • Improved health outcomes, equity of access, reduced inequalities; and
  • A better patient experience through more joined up services.

The committee is chaired by our lay member for finance, remuneration, primary care and governance. It meets on a bi-monthly basis and members of the public are welcome to attend and are invited to ask questions about specific agenda items.

If confidential and sensitive matters are being discussed, the public may be excluded from this part of the meeting.

Our meetings are usually held in Twickenham and you can find details of our meetings below.​

Date Venue Time
2 April 2019 The Salon, York House, Twickenham 10:00am- 12 noon (approx)
​4 June 2019 Hyde Room, York House, Twickenham 10:00am- 12 noon (approx)
6 August 2019 The Salon, York House, Twickenham 10:00am- 12 noon (approx)
1 October 2019 Hyde Room, York House, Twickenham 10:00am- 12 noon (approx)
3 December 2019 Hyde Room, York House, Twickenham 10:00am- 12 noon (approx)

The meeting’s agenda and papers are available on this page of the website five days prior to the meeting.

The committee is chaired by the lay member for governance. Richmond CCG’s chair and vice clinical chair are voting members but will be excluded from voting where a conflict of interest exists. Under these circumstances the independent GP would provide the clinical expertise required.

The membership of the committee consists of:

Voting members:

  • Lay Member for Governance (Chair)
  • Lay Member for Patient and Public Involvement (Vice Chair)
  • Managing Director
  • Director of  Finance
  • CCG Chair
  • CCG Vice Clinical Chair
  • Independent GP
  • Directory of Quality
  • Director of Commissioning
  • Directory of Primary Care and Planning
  • Director of Corporate Affairs and Governance
  • Chief Pharmacist

Non-voting members:

  • Richmond Health and Wellbeing Board representative (Richmond Council)
  • Richmond Healthwatch representative
  • Local Medical Committee representative​
  • Local Pharmaceutical Committee representative
  • Patient participation group (PPG) network representative

In attendance (as required):

  • Head of Finance
  • Head of commissioning, primary care and QIPP
  • Relationship manager(s)
  • Public health representative​