Richmond CCG and Richmond council have developed a joint strategy to improve health and social care closer to home for adults from 18 years of age. The strategy focuses on care provided out of hospital.

The case for improving out of hospital services

  • Demand for care is growing as we live longer; chronic and lifestyle diseases becomes more common and the technology and interventions we use become more expensive
  • In order to meet this demand within the resources available we need to improve prevention, early intervention and care at home and reduce demand on hospitals
  • To make these improvements we need to transform primary, community and social care and the way they work together to improve access, quality and capacity. The CCG and the council will work together with local provider organisations to achieve this.

Developing the strategy

The better care closer to home (out of hospital) strategy 2014 -17 sets out  the CCG’s high level plans to transform health and social care in Richmond so that residents and the registered patient population are treated holistically, accessing services that are personalised, integrated and closer to home. We want to create a borough in which services are fully integrated, of high quality and deliver our vision to:

“Provide person centred, integrated, high quality care and support that promotes independence and wellbeing so that you are prevented from becoming unwell and are supported to maintain their social and community links.  Early intervention and prevention will ensure that you only attend hospital when, and for as long as is clinically necessary and the need for long-term residential or nursing care is delayed or avoided.”

The driver for developing the strategy comes from the national direction towards integration, with the requirement to integrate health and social care by 2018.

View our better care closer to home strategy

Who we worked with

A programme of engagement took place throughout 2013 -14 to gain a better understanding of what out of hospital care means for patients, carers and local residents, and to identify the key priorities in Richmond for out of hospital care.

There were two phases of engagement:

  • Phase 1 – April to August 2013: To give stakeholders a chance to feed into the development of the strategy.
  • Phase 2 – August to September 2013: To gain feedback on the draft strategy.

The programme included a range of activities including two surveys, a voluntary sector event, discussions and visits to patient, carer and community organisations and GP practices and on-going discussions with the CCG’s community involvement group.​