Dementia diagnosis and strategy

With an ageing population in Richmond, we are faced with the challenge of providing high quality healthcare to increasing numbers of individuals with multiple morbidities and mental health problems, such as dementia. We continue to work with the mental health trusts and GPs to improve the quality of services and to ensure that more of the care being delivered is at home, rather than in hospital.

This year we worked with Richmond Council to agree a five year plan to support residents with dementia, following public consultation.

Currently there are an estimated 1,986 people over 65 years of age in Richmond who are living with dementia. This number is expected to rise to 2,235 by 2021 – a 15% increase over the next 5 years and to 2,561 by 2025, a 32% increase over the next 10 years.
The strategy covers six key areas:

  • Preventing well: the risk of people developing dementia is minimised
  • Diagnosing well: timely diagnosis, integrated care plan and review within the first year
  • Living well: people with dementia can live normally in safe and accepting communities
  • Supporting well: access to safe, high quality health and social care for people with dementia and their carers
  • Dying well: people living with dementia die with dignity in the place of their choosing
  • Consideration of particular groups

The new strategy will help us meet this challenge by focusing our efforts on providing the services, support and advice that people living with dementia and their carers need. ​

Joint Dementia Strategy​​