The child and adolescent mental health (CAMHS) transformation plan sets out the local vision, strategy and key actions to support improvements in children and young people's mental health and wellbeing in the borough of Richmond.

The Richmond transformation plan was developed with children, young people, professionals and partners who have been working locally to deal with the challenging issues of mental health and wellbeing.

2018/19 Service Priorities

Our service priorities have been developed using the following five key national outcomes areas for improving mental health and wellbeing

  • Promoting resilience, prevention and early intervention
  • Improving access to effective support – a system without tiers
  • Care for the most vulnerable
  • Accountability and transparency
  • Developing the workforce

Promoting resilience, prevention and early intervention

Our priorities are:

  • Support schools and colleges to adopt whole school approaches to build resilience and promote good mental health
  • Provide psychological wellbeing support to schools through delivery of the Children Wellbeing Practitioners service
  • Continue to promote the use of digital tools and information to support resilience, prevention and early intervention
  • Deliver the Emotional wellbeing and mental health support programme to Richmond schools.

Improving access to effective support

Our priorities are

  • Ensure the increased capacity in the CAMHS SPA results in the provision of telephone advice and triage to timely sign posting to the right service and support
  • Develop the local neuro development pathway to:
  • Reduce waiting times for ASD and ADHD assessments
  • Provide pre-and post-diagnostic support
  • Continue to improve service access to meet national targets including building capacity in voluntary sector community counselling
  • Enhance the existing Eating Disorder Service in collaboration with other SWL CCGs to ensure national waiting times and access targets are met and the number of inpatient admissions are reduced. 

Ensuring care for the most vulnerable

Our priorities are:

  • Co-commission with other SWL CCG a therapeutic programme for children and young people who experience sexual assault
  • Enhance the existing Psychiatric Liaison provision across South West London in collaboration with other SWL CCGs
  • Continue to review all crisis care services in partnership with other SWL CCGs
  • Focus on improving services for vulnerable children and young people including:
  1. Those in the youth justice system
  2. Those with ASD/ADHD learning disabilities as part of the Transforming Care Programme
  3. Looked After Children

Accountability and transparency

Our priorities are:

  • Continue co-production, co-design, engagement, involvement with children and young people, families, parents and carers
  • Continue to improve performance management of CAMHS through flowing data to the mental health services data set, improving data quality, service monitoring and evaluation.
  • Implement the recommendations from the February 2018 Richmond Scrutiny Commission on CAMHS
  • Communicate the work of the local transformation plan in accessible formats to all our stakeholders.

Developing the workforce

Our priorities are:

  • Continue to ensure there is commissioning capacity to deliver the local transformation plan
  • Support providers to access the children and young people’s improving access to psychological therapies curriculum and address any identified skills gaps
  • Continue to implement local and STP wide workforce development plans to ensure delivery of national requirements set out in the 5 year Forward View
  • Parents and young people becoming peer support workers
  • Continue to promote access to continuous professional development and training opportunities for:
  1. The Voluntary sector
  2. Schools and Colleges

Richmond Transformation Plan for Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Wellbeing 2017-2020 and supporting documents

CAMHS Transformation Plan 2019 Refresh

We are currently working with health and care partners in Richmond to update the CAMHS Transformation Plan. An updated version of the plan will be published on our website in 20 December 2019.