Over the last two years, we have been developing an outcomes based approach for the commissioning of community health services and in December 2014 extended this approach to include mental health services.

As such, Richmond CCG and the London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames intend to develop a single outcomes based contract focused on the delivery of agreed mental health patient-identified outcomes to commence in April 2017. The scope of the contract will include inpatient, crisis and community services across health and social care for adult mental health and substance misuse services.

An outcomes framework for mental health was developed last year based on engagement with service users, carers, and stakeholders.  This has also been informed by additional engagement with existing health and social care providers around commissioning and contracting intentions.

We have chosen to follow a Most Capable Provider process, which commenced last year during our engagement with local providers.  We are now ready to move to the next stage by publishing an Expression of Interest for wider potential providers.  Whilst this is not a formal competitive tender process, we will follow a process of fairness, openness and transparency to ensure any interested party understands what we are doing, why, and how they can become involved.

For further information, please go to www.londontenders.org

​Working together to deliver outcomes based mental healthcare in Richmond

Eight organisations involved in delivering local services for people with mental health needs are working together to develop mental healthcare based on outcomes  The organisations have all been named as potential "most capable providers" by NHS Richmond Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Richmond Council (the commissioners).

These providers are participating in an on-going process, which will require them to demonstrate that their improvement plans will deliver integrated mental health services across the borough of Richmond.

The organisations will work together over the next few months to plan the transformation of existing services to achieve an integrated mental health service.

​The aim is to enable integrated mental health and social care services that:

  • Strengthen the role of service users and carers
  • Increases prevention and early intervention
  • Promotes quick access to acute care and crisis intervention
  • Improves a multidisciplinary approach to recovery and independent living
  • Mainstreams mental health services

The new 'model of care' is designed to integrate all aspects of mental health services; including the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames' (LBRuT) adult social care services and GP services provided by the Richmond General Practice Alliance (RGPA), a federation of all 28 GP practices in the borough.  This will help to break down the existing organisational boundaries and allow services to focus on the needs of the person, rather than trying to find services that best fit the person's needs.

The new service will be commissioned through an outcomes based contract, which focuses  on outcomes that patients and carers have told us were most important to them following an engagement process in 2015. Further details about service user engagement and staff involvement will be available soon.

For more information contact David Lee, programme manager, david.lee@swlstg-tr.nhs.uk


The potential most capable providers are

  • Certitude
  • Change, Grow, Live
  • East London NHS Foundation Trust
  • Richmond Borough Mind
  • South West London and St George's Mental Health NHS Trust

Working alongside two organisations that the commissioners have identified as "fixed points"

  • Richmond General Practice Alliance
  • London Borough of Richmond upon Thames – adult mental health social care provider