Training and support for our patient partners

We are privileged to have several experts by experience or patient partners who support us with our work. When they join one of our projects, we aim for the project lead or a member of the patient and public engagement (PPE) team to meet with them to explain what the project is about and what their role will be. The PPE team will check in with them during the project to see how it is working for them and if we need to do anything differently to make sure they see their contribution has value and impact.

We can offer several resources including training resources from local organisations and from NHS England.  The NHS England sessions are free to attend or are online and can be done when it is convenient for you.

We provide further support for people to be involved with us via Richmond Council for Voluntary Services’  community involvement function. This includes working in the community to recruit individuals to be involved in both health or social care commissioning programmes and to provide ongoing support to them. It also coordinates forums where people involved in projects with the CCG or Council can come together and have a stronger voice and peer support e.g. Richmond users and carers group and the health and social care co-production group.

One of the ways we recognise the contribution of patient partners is to offer a voluntary reward payment if you are working with us on one of our transformation projects or procurement panels.

Read about Celine’s experience of being involved with us and the impact it has had for her.

The video below is a good starting point for trying to understand how the NHS works.

How does the NHS work in England? An alternative guide.

Training and support for staff

We have a toolkit to provide our staff with resources to help them assess the level of public and patient engagement that is needed for their project. This helps our staff to consider patient and public engagement from the start. We use the NHS England patient and public engagement guidelines to help us with decision making.

This process includes tools such as guidance for equality impact assessments, stakeholder mapping and communications and a template to address if the legal duty to involve needs to be applied and a trigger template to support discussions with our Council’s overview and scrutiny committees.

Our PPE team support staff 1:1, in teams or project groups to use the tools available to understand the communication and engagement needs of a project.  One of our PPE team has been trained by NHS England to deliver NHS England’s 10 steps to better engagement training. Here are some of the resources we have available to help staff ensure patient and public engagement is considered within commissioning projects.

Communications and engagement planning tools:

Presentations about effective engagement

We provide development sessions to our staff and governing body about patient and public engagement.  You can view copies of our presentation below: