We regularly visit community groups and organisations to listen to people about their experiences of local health and care services and give them the opportunity to shape future services. Through our outreach we have had meaningful conversations with local communities who do not always feel their voice is heard or face specific barriers to being involved in our work.

When considering the priority groups for our community outreach we use insight from equality and health inequality impact assessments and data from our borough’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA)  particularly around health inequalities.

If you know of a group who would like to have their say on local health services, please contact us at richmondccg.involve@swlondon.nhs.uk

Where have we been?

Over the last 12 months since November 2018 we attended 15 events and spoke to over 185 people. We wanted to find out more about how seldom heard groups experience our services, as well as finding out more about what they think are the priorities for our local health and care plan.  Later in the year we attended groups to feedback how what they said has influenced the development of the Richmond health and care plan.

Through closer working with Kingston CCG we can use the insight from its community outreach to also inform our work.

Find out more about some of the events we attended and who we spoke to:

Focus group – Learn English at Home (LEAH) – November 2018
We met with a group whose first language is not English to hear their experience of using local health services and any barriers they have found to accessing them.

True AccessTAG Youth Club – November 2018
We spent an evening with members of TAG youth club, which is for children and young people with learning disabilities.  We joined them to hear their feedback about local health services.

Support Group – December 2018
We attended a meeting with parents of children with special educational needs (SEND).

Co-production Group Alzheimer’s Society – January and May 2019
A group discussion that mainly focused on support from local health services and previous and current experience of living with dementia.

Open ForumMulticultural Richmond – May & November 2019
EMAG hold a regular group for older people to socialise. We had conversations in small groups about their experiences of healthcare and ways to age well and discussed the health and care plan. We returned in November 2019 to tell them how their feedback informed the health and care plan.

Youth Outloud launch event with Healthwatch Kingston and Healthwatch Richmond – April 2019
Youth Outloud are a group of 13-17 year olds interested in how the local health system works and feed the views of young people to improve our services.  We discussed the start well priorities for the health and care plan.

Discussion groupMENCAP – May & November 2019
We took part in a discussion group with people with physical and learning disabilities covering a wide range of topics including access to health services, health checks, support services and discussed the priorities for the health and care plan. We returned in November 2019 to tell them how their feedback informed the health and care plan.

Addressing self-harm and developing emotional resilience with children & young people – June & July 2019
We engaged children, young people, parents and carers as well as teachers and schools to examine the root causes of self-harm and poor emotional wellbeing and to test potential solutions.  Running across south west London, we met with children and ran an online survey.  In Richmond we held focus groups with year 8 pupils at Christ’s School in East Sheen in June and July.   Find out more about this work here.

Kingston & Richmond Children in care council – June 2019
We met with young people who have experienced being in care to discuss and find out what their priorities and issues are around local health care services to inform the health and care plan.

Carers wellbeing day – Richmond Carers Centre – June 2019
We had an information stall at the carers wellbeing day where over 70 carers attended.

Full of Life Fair – Richmond Council – October 2019
The full of life fair is for over 55s living in the borough and has over 1000 visitors. We spoke with several hundred of them about our winter campaign, offered flu jabs on the day through a local pharmacy and discussed with people how their views have shaped the age well section in the Richmond health and care plan.

Support group for ME with Kingston & Richmond ME group – October 2019
A support group for people with myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) and chronic fatigue syndrome, we met with them to discuss and feedback back actions from our previous attendance.

Stay and play sessions with Tolworth Children’s Centre and New Malden Children’s Centre – January 2020
We held an engagement stall and spoke to parents of children aged under 5 years about our winter campaign, promoting messages around the flu vaccine and using the local pharmacy.

Greenwood Community Centre’s Men’s Club – February 2020
We spoke to a group of 21 men to find out about their experiences using local health services and promoted winter messages around the flu vaccine.

SPEAR discussion group – March 2020

We held a discussion group with people who are homeless in Richmond which focused on support from local health services and access to services.