We are keen to ensure that people with lived experience of local health services have opportunities to share their experiences and work with us and local providers to develop and improve services.

It is important that Richmond CCG understands the experience of individuals with lived experience of local health services beyond those already represented through our Governing Body, committees and patient groups.

On the ‘Patient Stories’ page of this site we encourage Richmond patients to share your experience of living with a health condition and/or your recent experience of local NHS services so we can improve those services.

We also involve experts by experience in our commissioning programmes to ensure patient experience informs different stages of our work.

For example as part of the commissioning of an outcomes based mental health service experts by experience have worked alongside commissioners in the selection of providers and the evaluation of the providers’ submission. Richmond CVS has evaluated the quality of the involvement of the experts by experience and the evaluation is available in the following reports:

Mental Health selection involvement evaluation​

​Mental Health submission involvement evaluation ​​(report available shortly)