During winter 2017/18 we worked with Kingston CCG to understand local people’s perception of quality for GP practices and community pharmacies.

Who did we ask?

We asked local people for their views which were gathered via comment cards in GP practices, pharmacies and other locations across the borough, an online survey and conversations with individuals or groups that we would not routinely engage with e.g. young people with additional needs, people experiencing homelessness, refugees and people with English as not their first language. We heard from over 1,154 local people registered with a GP in Kingston or Richmond.

We also asked staff working in GP practices and community pharmacies via an online survey and discussions at staff forums.

What did we ask?

We asked local people what was important to them when they visit their GP practice or community pharmacy and how they could help their GP practice continue to deliver a quality service for all patients.

We asked GP practice and pharmacy staff about what good quality primary care looks like and what matters most to them about the services they deliver.

What did we find out?

  • There were several common themes from the feedback received from local people and primary care staff including the skills and patient management of the GP, the appointment booking process and having quick access to appointments.
  • Local people understand that GPs are under pressure and there is a shared view about the patient’s role and responsibility in helping practices deliver a quality service.
  • Quality for community pharmacies focused on the skills and knowledge of the pharmacist, having a good stock of medication, a prompt and efficient prescription service and advice on alternatives to replace medication.

View the detailed findings in the engagement report.

What are we doing?

In April 2018 our Primary Care Commissioning Committee reviewed the findings from this engagement and agreed the following:

  • use the findings from this work to inform the development of service pledges and patient responsibilities for GP practices, working with practices and local people. This work is now planned for summer 2019.
  • ensure the key themes are considered and addressed when developing a primary care strategy for Richmond.
  • work with our Local Pharmaceutical Committee (LPC) to take forward the findings relating to community pharmacy.

Find out more about this project

If you would like us to keep you informed about this project or other opportunities to be involved in our work email richmondccg.involve@swlondon.nhs.uk.