We work closely with our local health and care service providers to make sure that patients and members of the public have opportunities to give feedback on current services and be involved in developments for the future.

Working with our providers and our community involvement group

We are testing the role our community involvement group could play in supporting us to review patient and public engagement with our providers. If successful, this approach could complement and inform discussions about PPE at the provider’s clinical quality review group (CQRG).

Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust (HRCH) and Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (KHFT) are working with us to test this approach and presented to the community involvement group in October and December 2019.

The community involvement group identified the following areas they would like providers to consider when presenting to them:

  • How do providers use patient experience and engagement to inform their work?
  • Does the provider have a local approach and is it specific to Richmond?
  • What is the impact of their engagement?
  • Examples of current activity (who they are engaging with, why and impact)
  • Does the provider work with local partners and how do they connect with their local community?
  • High level priorities for patient experience/engagement for the coming year

Having providers share their approach to PPE highlighted that significant work was going on within both providers which local organisations where not always aware of.  The feedback from discussion are currently being reviewed by both the providers and CCG before taking further.  However, from the presentations the community involvement group made the following observations:

  • HRCH’s good practice model of involving patients in staff recruitment for the learning disability service could be expanded to other services.
  • KHFT’s patient experience report was seen as an engaging and good practice example of this type of report.
  • Both organisations could place greater emphasis on presenting how they also involve and collate the views of unpaid carers
  • The presentations highlighted that there were opportunities for both the CCG and providers to work together to:
    • agree which underrepresented groups to prioritise for outreach
    • explore opportunities for joint engagement activities to avoid duplication and make best use of resources and avoid engagement fatigue by local people.
    • consider how they can share insight within the wider local health and care partnership.
    • consider producing a partnership annual PPE review that highlights work from local health and care partners rather than individual organisations.

Our contracts

We use the standard NHS contract for all services we commission other than primary care, which is covered by separate contracting arrangements.

The contract covers:

  • Involving people in decisions about their own care and treatment and providing clear information
  • Actively seeking feedback from service users and the public including patient surveys and the Friends and Family Test
  • Providing evidence of involving service users and the public when considering and implementing developments to services

As lead commissioner for South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust, on behalf of other commissioners we use our monthly clinical quality review group (CQRG) meetings to monitor performance and progress and discuss with our provider colleagues about some of the challenges of involving diverse groups, acting on feedback and demonstrating where people’s views have had an impact.

People who live in the borough use NHS services run by a range of providers including  Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust, Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Chelsea & Westminster NHS Foundation Trust (West Middlesex Hospital).

We liaise with the lead commissioners for these NHS services to ensure that their patients’ feedback is heard and acted on. We are currently developing a set of engagement prompt questions that can be used during CQRGs to support this and hope to schedule regular involvement presentations across all providers.

Quality accounts

NHS trusts produce an annual quality account, which has some information on work they have done to listen to and improve the experience of their patients and the public. You can see them on our Trusts’ websites:

Get involved with local services

If you have a comment about local services or would like to get more involved, you can find out more below: