Kelly Rumball
Kelly Rumball Assistant Team Leader, Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust

I joined Kingston Hospital’s Acute Admissions Unit in 2011 and then moved to Ealing Hospital’s A&E.  But as a single mother of three children at the time I needed more family-friendly hours, so joined Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS trust in 2015 as a district nurse. I love it here and have no intention of leaving.

I’m the End of Life Care champion for my team and I’m passionate about it. I love working with patients and families, and it’s a real honour to be welcomed into their homes.  My aim is to make their transition as comfortable as possible towards the end of their lives.

I love caring for people in their homes.  It’s a different relationship when they’re in their own environment and place their trust in you to make their passing peaceful. Nursing is hard work but it’s incredibly rewarding – what you put in you get back tenfold.

HRCH is great for people with families. You also get lots of training and development opportunities, plus support and encouragement.

I was caring for someone from another trust whose wife was high up in NHS England.  I looked after him until he died peacefully at home.  I was so honoured when the family made some lovely comments and the wife said she would campaign to get proper recognition for the role of nurses.

I was also honoured when I won an HRCH Champion Award for Caring, especially as I was nominated by our Chairman!