Vicky Fraser
Vicky FraserDesignated Nurse for Children Looked After, Kingston and Richmond CCGs

Vicky recently met a group of young people, who are part of the Children in Care Council, to talk to them about staying well over the winter months.

Vicky said: “The Children in Care Council is a fantastic initiative, which is led by a group of young people who represent the looked after population in the boroughs of Kingston and Richmond. They were really interested to hear about what they can do to look after themselves, such as keeping a well-stocked medicine cabinet and visiting a pharmacist for minor illnesses, instead of waiting for a GP appointment.

“It is important we empower young people to look after themselves, directing them towards pharmacists, who have a wealth of experience, and NHS 111 instead of visiting A&E for non-life threatening aliments. Also, we explained that small lifestyle changes, such walking instead of getting the bus, can make a huge difference to someone’s health.”